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    An accessory is an item which enhances the operation of an existing piece of equipment but is not essential to its operation. It is coded account 649091 and the value of the accessory is added to the value of the existing property. The UCID number of the existing property must be referenced on the Purchase Order Request for the accessory.

    Also known as the UCID number, it is a nine digit number assigned to all inventorial equipment. The first two digits identify the calendar year of assignment, the next two, "60" identifies the San Diego Campus. The last four digits are a sequential serial number.

    A black and white bar code decal is now used to tag equipment with its UCID number, and description. Bar code tags should be placed in a conspicuous location for ease of scanning.

    Also known as building asset number, the building number is a four digit number assigned by Resource Management. Equipment Management maintains a cross reference, correlating common building name/number to building asset number.

    Each department/unit is assigned a four digit custodial code number. This code identifies departmental responsibility for equipment. Each Custodial Code has a 2 or 5 digit suffix code. The suffix "00" indicates general departmental equipment, "19" denotes a recharge activity, and a 5 digit number is the fund number of a contract or grant.

    Account codes represent the financial element of the IFOAPAL identifying the type of expenditure. Expenditure accounts are operating accounts used with the index code ( or full IFOAPAL ) to identify expenditures.

    Every IFIS commodity code has been defined with a corresponding account code. The defined account code is a suggestion which, under most circumstances, reflects an appropriate account code for the actual product or service covered by a commodity code. The defined account code defaults to the accounting data based on the commodity code, however: in some instances it may not be the appropriate code for the transaction.

    Typically, equipment purchases are coded in the 649000 series.

    An item that is non-expendable, tangible personal property which has an acquisition cost of $1,500.00 or more, is free standing, and has a normal life expectancy of one or more years is considered to be inventorial equipment. Equipment items are coded in the 649000 account series.

    Firearms, and vehicles registered with the DMV are inventorial regardless of cost.

    An eight digit number identifying the commitment or acquisition record for an item of equipment. It is typically a purchase order number or Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) number.

    The Requestor Monthly Asset Locator Reports are generated monthly for all equipment acquired during the period noted on the report. The information included on the report is identical to the data listed on the Annual Inventory Listing.

    Property tags will be produced at the same time, and come attached to this report. Upon receipt of the property tags, the Department Custodian sees that the bar code decal is properly affixed to the equipment, in a visible spot for ease of scanning.
    Serial numbers, building/room numbers, or corrections are to be noted on the report, and returned to Equipment Management/0914. It is suggested that one copy be retained by Departments to use as a tool in maintaining their inventory records.
    When necessary, Departments may call Equipment Management for tagging assistance (x42845).

    A method of verifying the accuracy of departmental equipment inventories. Equipment Management personnel, with departmental representatives physically verify the existence of equipment. Items selected for verification are from a random sample equipment list. A physical verification will be done to assure record accuracy, and properly tagged equipment.
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