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Online Timekeeping Delegation 

Please download the Online Timekeeping Delegation form from the PDF file link below. This form should be used to establish new departmental timekeeper codes and timekeeper association, to set-up new departmental primary or backup timekeeper(s), or make changes to existing timekeeper delegations. Please see information below about "Primary" timekeepers, "Backup" timekeepers, and how to assign additional timekeepers. (IMPORTANT: a new delegation form supercedes any previous delegation, and may cause existing timekeepers to be deleted.)

If you need assistance with a specific subject matter please refer to BLINK or contact a Payroll Expert for additional information.

Download Timekeeping Delegation Form
You may enter the form information online, print, and then obtain authorized signatures.
You may also print the form and then complete.

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(Updated 2009)

Primary Timekeeper
Only one primary timekeeper can be designated to a timekeeper code. The primary timekeeper's name and mailcode is printed on the employee timesheets. This information is from the UCSD campus directory.

Backup Timekeeper
A backup timekeeper has the same access as the designated primary timekeeper. A backup timekeeper cannot have their name printed on the employee timesheets. A new delegation from should be completed to change a timekeeper from backup to primary

Additional Timekeeper(s)
While there can only be one primary timekeeper, a department may set-up multiple backup timekeepers. There should be a delegation form completed for each backup timekeeper and each form should indicate the same primary timekeeper. Also, please notate "Additional Backup" on each additional form.

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