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UCSD shipping provides a daily service for the shipment of material destined for domestic and foreign locations, coordinates and advises on U.S. customs documentation for import and export shipments and screens hazardous materials shipments.

To Initiate a Shipment

STEP 1 Fill out form STEP 2 Obtaining insurance
Domestic shipments valued over $100,000 and all foreign shipments requiring insurance must obtain prior approval from the Business Office. Please refer to Material Distribution PPM 524-4 or contact the Business Office directly for proper insurance procedures.

STEP 3 Pick up of package
Call Shipping at 536-3225 to request the Distribution Service pick up your package. A twenty-four hour notice is required for the service. The item will be brought to the Shipping Division to be processed.

STEP 4 Packaging service
A small packaging service is provided. Your index number will be recharged for materials used.

STEP 5 Acknowledgement of your shipment
Once the package has been processed you will receive the yellow copy of the shipping memo back. UPS charges will be listed on this copy. Retain yellow copies to reconcile with the Material Distribution recharge statement.

STEP 6 Reconcile recharge statement/ledger
Shipping charges a processing/administration fee of $2.00 for every domestic shipment and $2.25 for every foreign shipment. A monthly statement from Material Distribution summarizing the shipping memos, shipping charges, packaging charges and UPS charges will be sent. Reconcile yellow copies against the statement. Your operating ledgers will reference the total amount of the UPS recharges and the UCSD shipping recharge total.

If UPS is not used a separate invoice for the actual shipment cost from the carrier used will be sent to you from UCSD Disbursements (Federal Express, Airborne, etc.).

Refer to PPM Section 524-4 for more shipping procedures.

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